Senator Larry Farnese

PHILADELPHIA − February 26, 2020 −State Sen. Larry Farnese today released the following statement on Safehouse’s sudden decision to site a facility in South Philadelphia:

“If Safehouse intends to operate their facilities the same way they conducted their siting process, we cannot allow it in South Philly and we should not allow it anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Any ‘medical facility’ in Pennsylvania should operate on a well-constructed framework of regulation, inspection and public participation.

Safehouse was beginning to build public support through a patient and transparent dialogue with Philadelphians before blindsiding residents with this bait and switch. Trust has been lost.

If Safehouse believes it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission, we will prove them wrong.

I have supported the safe injection site concept as I would support any novel approach in a dire situation. My support has always been conditional on a process that nurtures public confidence not only in the siting, but also in the on-going operation of such an experimental facility.

Operations that claim to provide a safe medical environment for clients should face at least as much state scrutiny as bars, casinos or racetracks. To allow otherwise is reckless and opens the door for bad-faith actors across the city to do the same.”



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