Holds Straw Purchasers Accountable for Every Illegally-Purchased Gun

Harrisburg – April 4, 2011—-Senator Larry Farnese today announced that he will introduce legislation that would impose a five-year mandatory minimum for straw purchasers and deter straw purchasers from making multiple purchases.

Senator Farnese will introduce the legislation the week of April 4.

Current law provides that in order for a mandatory provision to apply, a second offense must have been committed after conviction for the first offense.

However, since straw purchasers must have clean background checks in order to buy the guns in the first place, the law makes little sense when considered for straw purchasing violations. Simply put, since a person convicted of straw purchasing would fail a subsequent background check and be unable to straw purchase a second time, the language must be changed to account for multiple purchases.

This new legislation would require that a person, who at the time of sentencing has been convicted of multiple straw purchases, will serve a mandatory minimum of five years.

This change will be an essential tool for law enforcement in deterring straws from making multiple purchases.




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