No Need to Study or Review Current Laws Regarding Standards for Operating Dog Kennels

March 2, 2011—Senator Larry Farnese today renewed his position for humane laws regarding puppy mills in Pennsylvania.

“There is no need to spend taxpayer money to study or review the current law, which has already been voted on and enacted,” said Senator Farnese. “The current law provides for the basic standard of care for dogs and must be preserved.”

Senator Farnese’s statement is in response to yesterday’s passage of House Resolution 89, which directs the Joint State Government Commission to study and review the economic impact of the 2008 Dog Law and the humane regulatory standards which were adopted at that time.

The sponsors of yesterday’s resolution claim that the standards that were voted into law have resulted in the loss of business for kennels and related businesses and also the loss of ‘potentially millions of dollars.’

The resolution further questions the ‘reasonableness and appropriateness’ of some of the required standards.

“We all remember the horror of the living conditions that hundreds of helpless dogs suffered,” said Senator Farnese. “I am committed to doing everything I can to make sure that our animals are protected and that they never return to living their lives in such absolute squalor and despicable conditions.”

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