Philadelphia − January 22, 2018 − Senator Larry Farnese introduced legislation that would mandate transparency from broadband internet providers.

“I believe that everyone should enjoy free access to the internet and since the federal government will no longer ensure that, I’m going to try to do it here in Pennsylvania,” said Senator Farnese. “Free access to the internet has significant social, economic, and educational impacts and we can’t afford to give those up.”

Senator Farnese’s bill requires internet service providers to publicly disclose information to consumers. Providers may not block lawful content, apps, services and non-harmful services; they may not impair or degrade the quality of that lawful content; engage in paid prioritization; or unreasonably interfere with users’ ability to access content.

“I’ve looked at many different state plans, as well as the prior federal regulations, and I picked the pieces that are the best fit for Pennsylvania,” said Senator Farnese. “No one benefits from the elimination of net neutrality except internet providers, and the mega corporations that can afford to throttle your access to lawful content.”

Pennsylvania has joined more than a dozen other states to reverse the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) roll back of net neutrality. Fifty U.S. Senators have also signed on to a legislative measure to stop the roll back.

Senator Farnese’s legislation works in concert with those efforts to ensure a free and fair internet for Pennsylvania consumers.


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