April 7, 2011—-Senator Larry Farnese today announced that he has introduced legislation to further protect the rights of all citizens from discrimination.

Senate Bill 910 would amend the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to add the definition of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” to the list of prohibited discrimination factors.  It would prevent “unlawful discriminatory practices” against individuals or groups for the aforementioned reasons as they relate to employment, housing and public accommodations.

“In this day and age, it is unthinkable that anyone would suffer discrimination in employment, housing or in public accommodations  because of gender identity or sexual orientation,” said Senator Farnese.

Currently, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act prohibits acts of discrimination based on the following factors: race, color, familial status, religious creed, ancestry, age, sex, national origin, handicap or disability, use of guide or support animals because of the blindness, deafness or physical handicap of the user or because the user is a handler or trainer of support or guide animals.

“It is important that all Pennsylvania citizens be protected equally under the law,” said Senator Farnese.

The bill was referred this week to the State Government Committee.





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