Order and Safety Must Return to Center City

March 30, 2010—-Senator Larry Farnese today called for the restoration of the Philadelphia Police Mounted Unit.

“We have a public safety emergency,” said Senator Farnese. “The Mounted Unit would go a long way in restoring order and safety to Center City. We must regain public confidence so that people know that it is safe to be in Center City.”

As the Democratic Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, Senator Farnese will seek a hearing on the issue to determine the cost of the proposal and the availability of state resources. He also will explore other avenues of funding with business leaders and private donors.

At a time when the city budget is stretched, Senator Farnese believes that a Mounted Unit is highly cost-effective when it comes to controlling crime and crowds because one Mounted officer can take the place of several patrol officers.

As a matter of public safety, a Mounted officer can protect both the public and other officers.

“During the 2000 Republican National Convention, it was a Mounted officer who rescued the Police Commissioner when a protester attacked him with his bicycle,” said Senator Farnese.


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