Senator Larry Farnese

Harrisburg, Pa. − June 6, 2019 − “Yesterday, the Senate Democratic Caucus received a briefing on the investigation into allegations against Senator Daylin Leach.  

After reflecting on what I learned, I am calling for State Senator Daylin Leach to resign due to his history of improper conduct and for the real harms his conduct has caused. I believe that victims deserve to be heard, believed, and their claims must be investigated thoroughly. They should not be subject to lawsuits, intimidated, or bullied.

Senator Leach’s misconduct goes beyond what he has been accused of in the media to include what he has done personally on social media and is trying to do through the courts. He has disrupted and sowed division inside and outside the Capitol.  For the good of victims of harassment, Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania Senate, Senator Leach must resign.”