Senator Farnese with Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey at the November 4 launch of the campaign to restore the Mounted Unit to the Philadelphia Police Department. Senator Farnese secured $100,000 in state funds to help get the fundraising effort off the ground.

November 4, 2010 —- Senator Larry Farnese today announced that he has secured $100,000 in funding for the restoration of the Philadelphia Police Mounted Unit.

Senator Farnese joined Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Mayor Michael Nutter and other officials at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School to announce a fundraising drive to bring back the Philadelphia Police Mounted Patrol to the Philadelphia Police Department.

“Our police officers put their lives on the line for all of us every day, and for that they deserve every possible available resource,” said Senator Farnese. “The safety of our citizens depends on it, and public safety must be our first priority.”

To that end, Senator Farnese secured the $100,000 in funding to help get the fundraising effort off the ground.

Senator Farnese also wants to acknowledge and thank Senator Mike Stack for his leadership in helping to secure these funds.

He also thanks Comcast and 7-11 for their generosity and urges the business community to join us in partnership to restore our proud Mounted Patrol Unit to the Philadelphia Police Department.

These dedicated funds will go directly to the Philadelphia Police Foundation to be used expressly for the purpose of restoring The Mounted Patrol Unit.
And with the support of the Philadelphia Police Foundation the Police Department expects to have the Mounted Patrol on the streets of Philadelphia by the summer of 2011.

For the last several years the State Police have graciously lent their Mounted Units to the city, at no charge, for planned events such as the World Series.

“I am grateful to the State Police for their generosity, but we clearly need our own Mounted Patrol Units for emergency situations,” said Senator Farnese. “When you think of how police officers risk their lives every day to protect us, there is no doubt that they need and deserve every possible tool and resource to do so.”

In terms of controlling large crowds, a Mounted Officer can protect both the public and other officers.

At a time when the city budget is stretched, Senator Farnese believes that a Mounted Unit is highly cost-effective when it comes to controlling crime and crowds because one Mounted officer can take the place of several patrol officers.

“We have a public safety emergency,” said Senator Farnese. “The Mounted Unit would go a long way in restoring order and safety to Center City. We must regain public confidence so that people know that it is safe to be in Center City.”

And from a Community Policing strategy point of view, there is no better style of policing.

As Lieutenant Dan McCann, the Commanding Officer of the new Mounted Patrol Unit, said at the news conference, “No one ever came up to me and asked to pet my police car.”

Those who would like to join Senator Farnese in restoring the Philadelphia Police Mounted Patrol donate can visit the Philadelphia Police Foundation website at


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