Senator Larry Farnese

Harrisburg – September 19, 2019 – State Sen. Larry Farnese (D-Philadelphia) issued the following statement concerning an updated and expanded report regarding Sen. Daylin Leach’s (D-Montgomery) conduct.

Farnese’s statement follows:

“The updated and expanded report we received regarding Senator Leach’s conduct has done nothing to change my opinion that he needs to resign. Workers should never have to accept a hostile workplace, harassment, intimidation, or bullying from anyone, much less an elected official, and it is a standard I am not willing to accept as a member of the Pennsylvania Senate.

“I believe that victims deserve to be heard, believed and their claims should be investigated thoroughly.  They should not be subject to lawsuits, intimidation, or bullying.

“While Members of the General Assembly have the right to defend themselves against accusations that they believe to be false, we should never allow the exercise of that right to impact and prohibit other members from doing the job they were elected to do.  When that occurs, as it has here for far too long, it is time to leave.

“Senator Leach should resign immediately.”