Dredging project compliments Southport Marine Terminal legislation

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 22, 2011 – State Senator Larry Farnese (D-Phila.) was pleased to join port and labor leaders as Governor Corbett released $15 million to continue the Delaware River dredging project.  The new funds, in addition to Farnese’s leadership in creating the Southport Marine Terminal, could potentially bring thousands of new jobs to Philadelphia.

“A deeper Delaware River will not only bring larger ships to Philadelphia, but it will create jobs,” said Senator Farnese.  “And a deeper Delaware River is one of the last major hurdles to making the Southport Marine Terminal a reality.  Together, these projects will strengthen our economy and put Philadelphia on the map as a regional and global competitor for marine cargo.”

The newly released money will be used to deepen an additional five miles of the Delaware River’s main shipping channel to accommodate larger ships, many of which will be destined for the new Southport Marine Terminal.

Southport Marine Terminal

Last year, the Pennsylvania Senate unanimously passed House Bill 666 creating the Southport Marine Terminal.  The legislation’s prime sponsor was state Representative Bill Keller and Senator Farnese worked with Keller to successfully deliver the bill to the Governor’s desk.

When completed, the Southport Marine Terminal will be a tremendous economic boost to the region in addition to creating thousands of jobs for Philadelphia’s longshoremen, truck drivers, crane operators and support professionals.  Farnese’s legislation, which was officially approved by Governor Corbett this year, transferred 180 acres of Navy Yard land from the City to the State for the project.

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