PHILADELPHIA, July 12, 2013 – State Sen. Larry Farnese today released the following statement rebuking the Corbett administration for not supporting Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s decision not to defend Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in a recently filed lawsuit (Whitewood, et al vs Corbett, et al):

“So, let me get this right, the Corbett administration, who regularly pursues an extreme ideological agenda guided by personal beliefs is now attacking Attorney General Kane for not defending Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act and following the law?

“Come on governor, isn’t that kind of hypocritical? And, you may want to take a look at the Commonwealth Attorneys Act Section 204(c). It says: ‘… the Attorney General may, upon determining that it is … in the best interest of the Commonwealth, authorize the General Counsel … to defend particular litigation …’ So, in short, she is not acting on ideology, she is following our law and constitution that says all citizens are ‘… born equally, free and independent, and have certain inherent and indefeasible rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty … and of pursuing their own happiness.’

“Attorney General Kane, I’m behind you all the way!” Farnese said.

Sen. Farnese is one of the commonwealth’s most passionate supporters of LGBT rights. In addition to being a member of the LGBT Caucus he has sponsored and co-sponsored a number of pro-equality bills, including SB 300, which would prohibit discrimination in employment, housing and accommodations because of a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression; and SB 646, which would exempt couples in domestic partnerships from paying inheritance taxes on the transfer of property after the death of one of the partners.


Senator Larry Farnese was elected to the Senate in 2008 to represent Pennsylvania’s First Senatorial District which contains some of Philadelphia’s most unique and vibrant neighborhoods from Port Richmond on the Delaware River to Fairmount Park on the Schuylkill River and South Philadelphia, Center City, the Navy Yard, Philadelphia International Airport.  Senator Farnese serves as the Democratic Chair of the Communications and Technology Committee.  He is also a member of the Appropriations Committee, Banking and Insurance Committee, the Law and Justice Committee and the Judiciary Committee.  His District Office is located at 1802 S. Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA (ph: 215-952-3121) and his Harrisburg Office is located at 543 Main Capitol in Harrisburg, PA (ph: 717-787-5662).  More information about the Senator and his initiatives is available at

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