Initiative to Restore the Philadelphia Police  Mounted Patrol Unit

Fundraising continues to restore the Philadelphia Police Mounted Patrol Unit. Our goal is to have the Mounted Units back on the streets this year.

Senator Farnese recently announced that he has secured $100,000 in funding to jumpstart the effort, but there is still a long way to go.

Those who would like to join Senator Farnese in restoring the Philadelphia Police Mounted Patrol can visit the Philadelphia Police Foundation website at

Bucking the Trend, Philadelphia Police Department Bets on Horses

by Suzanne Bush – March 2011

Mounted police patrols have been part of law enforcement throughout the United States since the 19th Century-in cities and in hard-to-access areas like deserts and mountains. Once upon a time the horse was the go-to vehicle in urban settings for crime fighting and crowd control. But times have changed, and the last vestiges of mounted patrols are disappearing from cities large and small. The number of American cities that still have mounted patrols is shrinking along with the revenue streams needed to maintain the equipment and care for the horses. » Read more

Senator Farnese’s One Great Idea to Restore the Philadelphia Mounted Patrol Unit Featured on

Click here to watch Marnie Hall’s interview with Senator Farnese.

Sen. Farnese Secures $100,000 for Restoration of Philadelphia Police Mounted Unit

Senator Farnese with Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey at the November 4 launch of the campaign to restore the Mounted Unit to the Philadelphia Police Department. Senator Farnese secured $100,000 in state funds to help get the fundraising effort off the ground.

November 4, 2010 —- Senator Larry Farnese today announced that he has secured $100,000 in funding for the restoration of the Philadelphia Police Mounted Unit.

Senator Farnese joined Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Mayor Michael Nutter and other officials at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School to announce a fundraising drive to bring back the Philadelphia Police Mounted Patrol to the Philadelphia Police Department.

“Our police officers put their lives on the line for all of us every day, and for that they deserve every possible available resource,” said Senator Farnese. “The safety of our citizens depends on it, and public safety must be our first priority.” » Read more



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