Neumann Senior Center celebrated the 50th Anniversary of HUD Section 202 with a celebratory event July 15 in Fishtown. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Section 202 provides affordable housing for elderly people and allows them to live independently.

I believe that our seniors are our country’s aristocracy. HUD Section 202 is an example of federal dollars going to work and really producing for people like Marie Brooks, Neumann’s first resident, who said that the program eased the burden of determining where to go next by providing a home for her and many other residents. Founded in 2005, Neumann Senior Center is a 69 unit, HUD Section 202 affordable housing community, which is home to 73 residents.

I am proud to continue the work of my grandfather, Andrew Farnese, who in 1966 procured funding and oversaw the creation of what it now known as Casa Farnese, a national model for senior housing. I am committed to Section 202 projects and other projects that support our older citizens.