Legislation 2015-2016 Session

*Denotes introduction in previous legislative sessions

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Senate Bill 95 − Anti-SLAPP*

Discourages frivolous lawsuits by creating a swift judicial process for dismissing such cases.

Senate Bill 96 − Hate Crimes*

Adds ancestry, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity to the state’s ethnic intimidation clause to increase crime penalties based on actual or perceived associations .

Senate Bill 97 − Direct Wine Shipment*

Also part of the Senate Democratic Caucus’ liquor modernization proposal, allows for wine from US producers to be shipped directly to a consumer’s house.

Senate Bill 98 − Mandatory Minimum Sentence for Illegal Firearm Carry in Philadelphia*

Creates a two-year mandatory minimum sentence for illegally carrying a firearm in Philadelphia. Based on policy in NYC that helped reduce gun violence significantly after its passage.

Senate Bill 99 − Limitations on “Pay-to-Play” Political Contributions*

Limits political contributions from those seeking to do business with the state.

Senate Bill 111 − Pathways to College Act

Part of the Senate Democratic Caucus’ College Access Package (CAP), provides competitive grants to high-need high schools to create college counseling programs, as well as allow for the hiring of college-focused school counselors.

Senate Bill 224 − Port Volume Increase Tax Credit*

Creates tax credit program to stimulate additional international freight through our Commonwealth’s ports and increase our competitiveness with other Eastern Seaboard ports. Governor Wolf has implemented this program within PennDOT’s PennPORTS office.

Senate Bill 311 − Firearms Safety Training*

Based on legislation in Florida, requires firearms safety training course be completed before concealed carry permit is issued.

Senate Bill 328 − Penalties for Straw Purchasing and Criminal Attempt to Purchase a Firearm*

Increases penalties straw purchasers can be charged with, as well as addresses increased penalties for any person prohibited from owning a firearm who attempts to get their hands on one.

Senate Bill 527 − Animal Abuse Registry*

Requires registration of felony conviction animal abusers to include identifying information and annual re-registration.

Senate Bill 529 − CPR and AED Certification in Schools*

Increases automated external defibrillator (AED) certification of school employees, as well as requires all school employees and each student be certified in CPR before graduation.

Senate Bill 530 − Property Assessor Certification in Philadelphia*

Ensures employees carrying out property assessments in the City of Philadelphia are properly trained in appraisals and assessments according to statewide standards set by the State Board of Real Estate Appraisers. These employees are currently exempted from these requirements.

Senate Bill 531 − Delinquent Liquor Tax Collection for Philadelphia Schools*

Requires liquor licensees in the City of Philadelphia to have made all payments of the city’s liquor by the drink tax, including any interest and penalties, in order to be approved for a license renewal or transfer. Looks to recoup much-needed millions for the school district.

Senate Bill 589 − Hit and Run*

Provides for additional finse and consecutive minimum sentences to be served for each victim who suffers serious bodily injury (SBI) or death due to a hit and run.  Also provides sentencing enhancements if the assailant was driving under the influence.

Senate Bill 723 − Parental Rights of Rapists Exclusion*

Requires that no court award custody, partial custody or supervised physical custody to a parent who has been convicted of rape, statutory sexual assault, sexual assault, institutional sexual assault or incest against the parent of the child who is the subject of the order or if by clear and convincing evidence it can be proven the child was conceived as a result of the same activities.

Senate Bill 808 − Vanpool Legislation

Amends the Ridesharing Arrangement Act, allowing private vanpool operators equipped to provide ridesharing opportunities to public and private employers the ability to serve as a transportation provider.  This legislation is not related to the legalization of transportation network companies in Pennsylvania.

Senate Bill 896 − Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act Amendment*

Increases the municipal cap on damages to businesses and individuals.

Senate Bill 974 − PA Fairness Act*

Prohibits discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation,  gender identity or expression.

Senate Bill 1099  − Title 18 Firearms-related Amendment

Requires an individual to serve a mandatory minimum one-year sentence for unlawfully carrying firearms on their person or in a vehicle without a license.

Senate Bill 1101 − Title 18 Firearms-related Amendment

Temporarily bars individuals charged with violent felonies from purchasing or possessing a firearm.

Senate Bill 1098 − Title 18 Firearms-related Amendment

Prohibits adults convicted as juveniles of certain serious drug offenses from possessing or purchasing firearms.

Senate Bill 1105 − Freedom of Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities

Prohibits the intentional use or threat of force and physical obstruction that injures, intimidates, or interferes with a person seeking to obtain or provide reproductive health services. Also prohibits intentional property damage of a facility providing reproductive health services. This legislation does not ban peaceful protest and does not interfere with the First Amendment Rights of lawful protesters.

Pending Introduction in 2015-2016

  • Public Pension Forfeiture for Megan’s Law Offenses* (previously Senate Bill 319)
  • Hotel Occupancy Tax for the Online Marketplace