Legislation 2013-2014 Session

Senator Farnese is committed to improving the lives of his constituents in the First Senatorial District, as well as the citizens of the City of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Senator has introduced the following pieces of legislation for the 2013-2014 legislative session:

Awaiting a bill number – Pennsylvania Port Volume Increase Tax Credit Act

An Act to increase the competitiveness of Pennsylvania’s ports with tax credits.

Awaiting a bill number – Anti-bullying Bill of Rights

An Act to make Pennsylvania schools free from bullying through increased programs and administrative support.

Senate Bill 36  – Direct Wine Shipment

An Act allowing the direct shipment of wine to a private residence or business in Pennsylvania.

Senate Bill 213 – Next-Generation Infrastructure Technologies

An Act, part of PA Works Now, investing in infrastructure technology development.

Senate Bill 225  – Alternative and Clean Energy (ACE) Program

An Act to encourage more clean energy and alternative energy production projects in Pennsylvania.

Senate Bill 300 – Amendments to Human Relations Commission Act – prohibiting discrimination

An Act banning discrimination statewide in employment, housing, access to credit and public accommodations because of a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Senate Bill 318 – Limitations on Political Contributions by Commonwealth Contractors

An Act to limit political contributions from those seeking to do business with the state.

Senate Bill 319 – Public Pension Forfeiture for Megan’s Law Offenses

An Act prohibiting public officials and employees who are convicted of a crime under Meghan’s Law from collecting their retirement benefits.

Senate Bill 320 – Animal Abuse Registry

An Act requiring that anyone who is convicted of an animal abuse crime to register their name, aliases, addresses, place of employment, date of birth, social security number and submit a recent photograph and information about their offense to the State.

Senate Bill 321 – Maternity Care Insurance Coverage and Preexisting Condition Exclusion

An Act to ensure that essential maternity care insurance coverage is available to Pennsylvania women.

Senate Bill 385 – Assessor Certification in 1st Class Counties

An Act to make sure City of Philadelphia employees who are conducting property assessments and appraisals meet the Pennsylvania State Board of Real Estate Appraisers standards.

Senate Bill 431, Senate Bill 432, Senate Bill 433 & Senate Bill 434 – Title 18 – Firearms-related Amendments

Acts to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and to make sure the State of Pennsylvania keeps control over its license to carry process.

Senate Bill 435 – Assault Weapons Ban

An Act banning the sale of assault weapons in the Commonwealth.

Senate Bill 615, Senate Bill 616, & Senate Bill 617 – Fraudulent Deeds

Acts to stop the growing problem of house theft that comes from the use and creation of fraudulent deeds.

Senate Bill 629 – Parental Rights of Rapists Exclusion

An Act negating a rapist’s parental rights when a child is born from a raped mother.

Senate Bill 646 – Inheritance Tax Exemption for Domestic Partnerships

An Act adding domestic partnerships to the current list of relatives who are exempt from paying inheritance taxes.

Senate Bill 664 – Uniform Firearms Act – Concealed Carry Permits/Firearms Safety Course

An Act requiring an individual to complete a firearms safety/training course before they receive a Concealed Carry Permit.

Senate Bill 766 – Neighborhood Improvement District Management Association (NIDMA) amendment

An Act creating more flexibility governing Neighborhood Improvement Districts (NID)s in cities of the first class.

Senate Bill 797 & Senate Bill 798 – PSERS – Compliance with Federal Law RE: Military Leaves of Absence – Part II (Public School Code)

Acts amending Commonwealth statutes to comply with the current federal law governing military leaves of absence.

Senate Bill 801 – Mandatory minimum for illegal carry of a firearm in Philadelphia

An Act creating a mandatory minimum sentence for illegally carrying a firearm in Philadelphia.

Senate Bill 866 – Increased penalties for straw purchasing/criminal attempt to purchase a firearm

An Act increasing the penalties for someone who makes false statements on any application to purchase or obtain a firearm or permit to carry a firearm.

Senate Bill 877 – Mechanics Lien Law Amendment

An Act to make sure contracted work is done safely and in properties that meet local building, electrical and safety code standards.

Senate Bill 1064 – Amendments to Name Change Process

An Act making less burdensome and costly to change a person’s name.

Senate Bill 1065 – Amendment to Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act

An Act increasing the current $500,000 cap on recoverable damages from municipalities to $2 million.

Senate Bill 1074 – CPR and AED Certification in Schools

An Act requiring all school employees, athletic coaches and trainers, and students before they graduate from high school be certified in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It also sets the minimum number of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) that should be in each Pennsylvania school.

Senate Bill 1093 – Castle Doctrine Amendments

An Act restricting the justified use of deadly force outside of one’s home or vehicle

Senate Bill 1095 – Anti-SLAPP Legislation

An Act to deter frivolous lawsuits against community groups and citizens who speak out on matters of public interest.