Selected Legislation 2009-2010 Session

House Bill 666 (Senate Amendment A07777)   Southport Marine Terminal.

Final legislation needed to allow land transfer for development of the Southport Marine Terminal at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

House Bill 1828 (Senate Amendment A03599)  Eliminating DROP for elected officials in Pennsylvania.

Authored language in Senate amendments to prevent future elected officials statewide from participating in any Deferred Retirement Option Program.  Language incorporated into Act 44 of 2009.

Senate Bill 857 & Senate Bill 858 – Public input for gaming licenses.

Requires additional public input hearings in location of gaming facility when relocation or redesign considered.  Language incorporated into Act 1 of 2010.

Senate Bill 1248 – Financial literacy education in schools.

Setting forth requirements and standards for financial literacy in schools. Language incorporated into School Code, Act 104 of 2010.

Senate Bill 1372 & Senate Bill 1373 – Gaming facilities in Philadelphia.

Allowing local control over the location of gaming facilities in Philadelphia.