HARRISBURG – August 11, 2011 – State Senator Larry Farnese’s legislation to expand consumer choice by allowing the direct shipment of wine was the subject of a hearing of the Senate’s Law and Justice Committee yesterday.

“The direct shipment of wine would expand consumer choice and provide more options,” Farnese said.  “This legislation is important because it helps modernize how wine is distributed, increases marketing options and provides an additional avenue for revenue.”

Farnese said he is pleased that the Law and Justice Committee is examining his legislation (Senate Bill 886) and the direct shipment issue in depth.

The Philadelphia lawmaker said the direct shipment of wine would not hamper or impair the operations of state stores or hurt their sales, but would actually provide another means for raising revenues.

“Direct wine sales would not hinder the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s (PLCB) ability to make money or regulate sales,” Farnese said.  “It would help spur new sales, expand choice and increase the distribution network.

The Law and Justice Committee yesterday heard an afternoon of testimony from representatives of the PLCB, Wine Institute, Wine Association and Ansonia Wines.

Farnese said he welcomes more discussion on his legislation and hopes the bill is positioned for a vote when the Senate returns to session next month.