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Local Share Account – Apply Now!

The Local Share Account (LSA) Philadelphia grant program is now accepting applications through January 31, 2020.

You can find the new guidelines on the LSA program webpage. The LSA intended use is for economic development, neighborhood revitalization, community improvement, and public interest projects in the City of Philadelphia. Eligible applicants include the following entities located within the City of Philadelphia: CDC’s, EDO’s and redevelopment authorities, BID’s/NID’s, not-for-profit organizations with a 501(c) designation, the City of Philadelphia, and the School District of Philadelphia.

Important things for you to note:

  • The program can only fund hard costs.
  • This is a DCED-administered program (not CFA).
  • There is a $100 application fee required for this DCED program.
  • Grant request/awards must be between $10,000-$500,000.
  • Projects cannot start prior to approval. We are not accepting requests to consider otherwise.  
  • There is currently $2 Million available.

To apply for funding, you must submit through DCED’s electronic Single Application for Assistance.


Grant Resource DirectoryPA Grant & Resource Directory

I am pleased to provide you with this copy of the Pennsylvania Grant Directory, which is intended to help interested parties identify potential sources of state and federal funding for important projects and programs.

The Pennsylvania Grant Directory is a great starting point for individuals and organizations seeking financial assistance from the Commonwealth, and I believe this information will be a valuable tool for you.

Some state grant programs have limited eligibility in which only municipalities, school districts and nonprofit organizations can apply. And, it is important to note that some grant, loan and assistance programs change each fiscal year. It is best to check websites or contact the appropriate agency to learn about the current status of any program. If you need additional assistance, please contact my office.

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