PHILADELPHIA, July 28, 2015 – State Sen. Larry Farnese today urged thoughtful consideration by those who have quickly condemned Planned Parenthood for recent comments by organization officials.

The Philadelphia Democrat issued the following statement:

“Planned Parenthood is more than a place for women to obtain safe abortions. More than a million Pennsylvanians have turned to this public health care facilitator during the past 10 years for breast wellness exams, cervical cancer screenings, family planning and sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment.

“Across the country, some 14,000 men look to Planned Parenthood for consultation, diagnosis and professional care. And millions of women have utilized the high-quality healthcare these facilities provide.

“I understand the comments caught on video could easily be used to attack one of our nation’s most prominent healthcare providers, especially when it delivers services that have been under attack in recent years. But we know that, per federal and state law, abortion is not funded by taxpayer dollars except in the limited circumstances of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is in danger. Public health care facilities should of course always abide by state and federal laws. Planned Parenthood is no different.

“But there needs to be caution in this case. Too much could be lost if our collective rush to judgment fails to consider the benefits this health care provider has delivered time and time again. Even if the evidence demands a further investigation, we must remember the women and men who will be hurt if Planned Parenthood is punished financially. We also must ensure the safety and privacy of the patients who today are using its services.

“Express concern, if you must, but we cannot allow political ideologies to interfere with what is, on balance, a great way for millions of Americans to receive safe, affordable health care,” Farnese said.


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