PHILADELPHIA, November 19, 2015 – State Sen. Larry Farnese today issued the following statement in support of airplane cleaners, baggage handlers and other workers who are employed by airline subcontractors at the Philadelphia International Airport and walked off the job to protest low pay and efforts to stop their unionization:

“The men and women whose job it is to safeguard the personal possessions of the flying public and to deliver clean and safe airplanes deserve better treatment and better care.

“The subcontractor companies efforts to thwart the attempts of these frontline workers to come together shows that they know their employees are not being treated fairly.

“The Philly International Airport accounts for more than 141,000 regional jobs and it calculates an economic impact of more than $14 billion. As the gateway to our city, we must ensure that all employees have a living wage, better working conditions, and the right to bargain for them.”

The walkout by Philadelphia International employees is part of a larger walkout involving six other airports: JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, O’Hare, Logan and Ft. Lauderdale.


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