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Philadelphia, July 13, 2011 — State Sens. Mike Stack and Larry Farnese today joined the Pennsylvania National Guard to announce that significant state dollars will be made available to provide meals and comfort to military personnel and their families who pass through the Liberty USO Center at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Stack and Farnese presented a $100,000 state grant to the United Service Organizations of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey (Liberty USO) at a news conference at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory in Northeast Philadelphia. The funds will be used to provide meals and morale-boosting programs to 65,000 soldiers and their families at the center.

Occupying 5,000 square feet on the tarmac level of airport Terminal A, the Liberty USO Center offers servicemen and women and their families around-the-clock access to complimentary meals, Internet, showers, laundry, bunks, a library, game room and a home theater.

“Liberty USO understands that our military and their loved ones need an ongoing support system, and the center at the airport provides that needed support,” Stack said. “The smallest comforts, like a hearty meal, a comfortable place to rest, or an opportunity to relax with family and friends can bring a little normalcy to an often chaotic life as a military family.”

“The military is the noblest of professions, and while we should express our gratitude for their service, we must also take care of them and their families,” Farnese said. “Liberty USO provides an amazing service and is truly a blessing to our service members and their loved ones. I’m honored to help provide state funding that will allow this center to continue its mission.”

Liberty USO has been serving the needs of the active duty, National Guard and reserve military personnel and their families throughout Pennsylvania for more than 60 years.

“It would be impossible for the Liberty USO to meet the needs of our military and their families without the support of Senator Stack and Senator Farnese,” said Joe Brooks, president and COO for the USO of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. “Through this grant we can continue to deliver our innovative morale, comfort and care programs.”

The grant was provided through the Department of Community and Economic Development.