HARRISBURG March 3, 2015 – With Pennsylvanians no longer beholden to rash decision making, Sen. Larry Farnese today said Gov. Tom Wolf’s $29.88 billion budget proposal is a proactive and sound way back for a state that has failed to create new jobs, invest in education and support people who need assistance over the past four years.

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“We have been desperate for a strong leader who makes tough, reasoned decisions that are based in good policy, not politics, and Gov. Wolf today showed everyone he has what it takes to bring Pennsylvania back from the brink,” Sen. Farnese said following the governor’s first budget address.

“I remain hopeful that the Republican majority will do what it said it would do and patiently give these paradigm shifts in thinking a fair and just hearing.”

Farnese said he is pleased the governor is urging the restoration of basic and higher education funding, the lowering of the corporate tax rate, the approval of a fair and affordable Marcellus Shale extraction tax, and new and improved jobs training programs.

“Our minimum wage earners will finally be able to breathe a little bit with an increase from $7.25 to $10.10, Philadelphians will be able to exhale with much lighter tax bills, especially for seniors and hardworking wage earners who own their homes, and we will move closer to removing the annual fight for adequate funding for our schools,” Farnese said.

“What’s great about the Wolf budget proposal is it includes the ideas and desires of all Pennsylvanians, even House and Senate Republicans,” the senator said. “We must do more than close the more than $2 billion deficit created by the prior gubernatorial administration. We must move Pennsylvania forward.”


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