PHILADELPHIA, March 30, 2015 — Echoing the core purpose of the Pennsylvania State Police, state Sen. Larry Farnese today issued the following statement in support of Gov. Tom Wolf’s nomination of Marcus Brown as commissioner.

“Our state police officers represent a proud and traditional organization. They follow a core purpose of seeking justice, preserving peace and improving the quality of life for all.

“I’ve listened to the people who do not want Marcus Brown to be state police commissioner and I’ve listened to those who support him. I’ve also listened to Marcus Brown. I believe Marcus Brown is the right man to lead the Pennsylvania State Police because of his long, distinguished career as a policeman, an administrator, a community leader, and as a father.

“Marcus Brown embodies the sense and passion that is spelled out in the Pennsylvania State Police’s core purpose; those few but powerful words that mean everyone gets a fair chance to freely prove themselves – without fear, intimidation or rushes to judgment.

“Marcus Brown has been a good cop and he deserves a better hearing than he’s received. He will be a good Pennsylvanian, and a good leader of the Pennsylvania State Police,” Farnese said.


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