HARRISBURG, April 30, 2014 – The Pennsylvania Senate has unanimously adopted Sen. Larry Farnese’s resolution declaring May as “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Awareness Month” throughout the commonwealth.

Senate Resolution 367 earned the chamber’s support Tuesday afternoon after Farnese and the proposal’s co-sponsor, Sen. Rob Teplitz (D-Dauphin), urged the action.

“ALS is best known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” Farnese said during his floor remarks. “What we may not know, however, is how ALS affects the body of those suffering from this fatal neurodegenerative disease.

“ALS weakens muscles, particularly in the limbs, and it causes breathing and swallowing issues. Eventually, this crippling illness causes muscle atrophy and robs its victims from their ability to use their legs and arms. Through all this physical deterioration, ALS patients typically remain aware of their loss of motor function and inevitable fatality from the disease.

“The ALS Association in Pennsylvania supports people diagnosed with ALS from as young as 20 years old to as old as 95 years old. The ALS Association also supports more than 1,000 Pennsylvanians with Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

“The group’s multidisciplinary clinics support ALS patients and can be found in every region of Pennsylvania. The association also provides services such as in-home care, wheelchairs, home ramping, support groups, education programs, communication devices, and van transportation.

“A $350,000 appropriation for the current fiscal year went to ALS patient care, providing services to more than 900 constituents in our commonwealth. The ALS Association, itself, provides more money for ALS research than any other organization, not including the federal government.

“I am pleased to support those Pennsylvanians who suffer from this terrible disease, and I urge my colleagues in the Senate to support continued funding for research and services for ALS, and to support educating others about this disease,” Farnese said.