HARRISBURG, February 9, 2010 – – Speaking on the $29 billion 2010-2011 state spending plan introduced today by Gov. Ed Rendell, state Sen. Larry Farnese expressed his readiness to begin negotiating the state budget.

Farnese lauded the governor’s plan to not increase broad-based taxes.

“We all recognize that Pennsylvania is still facing serious budget shortfalls,” Farnese said. “By using federal stimulus dollars and streamlining state spending, the governor has found sufficient alternatives to increasing taxes on the people of Pennsylvania.

“This is an ambitious plan that could result in millions of dollars for the state and provide much needed jobs without needlessly burdening taxpayers,” Farnese said. “These common sense measures are a sure win for Pennsylvania.”

Farnese added that he is pleased that the governor remains committed to education by investing $354 million to basic education.

“These key dollars are an investment into the future of Pennsylvania,” Farnese said. “By committing funds to early childhood education, we put our children on the right path from the very start.”

Farnese was also pleased to see the governor’s plans for job creation in Pennsylvania.

“All over the nation we are hearing the call for more jobs,” Farnese said. “It was a key point in the President’s State of the Union address and a major point that must be included in this new budget.”

Farnese said he is anxious to get to work on new challenges this state spending plan will bring and that he is optimistic that a budget will be in place by July 1.

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