Philadelphia, PA − March 20, 2020 − State Senator Larry Farnese, along with Mayor Jim Kenney, State Rep. Maria Donatucci and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson released the following statement:

“We stand with the more than 600 -32BJ contracted airport workers from the Philadelphia International Airport laid off due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.  These workers are skycaps, wheelchair agents, cabin cleaners, and baggage handlers employed by various contractors. Their jobs are crucial to keeping the airport safe and running effectively.  These workers  are the “invisible workforce” and are being left out of efforts to preserve jobs in the industry.  

 “The U.S. airline industry is seeking $50 billion from the federal government in response to the COVID-19 crisis. In exchange for a bail out, airlines have promised to preserve jobs for thehardworking men and women who are directly employed by U.S. airlines, as well as the 10 million jobs supported by the airline industry. However, airlines have left out a large portion of workers – low-wage contracted workers  who have little protections in this time.

 “These workers should not be penalized by this public health and economic crisis. They do some of the hardest jobs at the airport and receive the lowest  wages and often don’t have access to affordable healthcare or paid time off.

 “As elected leaders who represent the Philadelphia Airport, we demand that no airline receive any federal assistance without making assurances that all workers, including contracted airport workers, are not left vulnerable in this time of crisis.

 “Airlines must honor their commitment to preserve and protect all airport jobs!”