HARRISBURG, June 24, 2015 –State Sen. Larry Farnese today fought for a comprehensive liquor reform package that would provide for consumer convenience and improve the existing Pennsylvania wine and spirits store system, including the direct shipment of wine.

Farnese is the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 97, legislation that would provide for direct shipment to consumers in Pennsylvania.

Farnese said House Bill 189, which the Senate approved 31-18 today, does not stack up to the language offered by Senate Democrats today.

“While I am pleased to see the direct wine shipment conversation has moved forward, I believe we missed an opportunity to reform our liquor system in a responsible, holistic way today. House Bill 189 included an inadequate, piecemeal approach by offering a limited strategy on liquor reform.”

Sen. Farnese says he was ultimately unable to support the final bill due to those inadequacies.

“In the midst of our ongoing budget discussions, we will continue to advocate for liquor reforms that will ensure public safety, maximize recurring state revenues, and provide the highest level of responsible consumer access,” he said.

In addition to supporting direct wine shipments and improvements to Pennsylvania’s state stores, Farnese said he supports improvements to the commonwealth’s beer packaging laws.


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