Government’s First Duty is to Protect Its Citizens

January 18, 2011—Senator Larry Farnese today called for hearings, increased funding for State Police DNA testing and DNA testing when inmates enter prison instead of when they are released.

“Government’s first duty is to protect its citizens,” said Senator Farnese.

Countless people could be hurt or killed while law enforcement and the public wait weeks or months for DNA results. Public safety demands that we do better.”

Senator Farnese’s comments follow the arrest of a suspect in the case of the Kensington Strangler. Charges are pending for the rapes and strangulation murders of three women in Kensington.

“The public has been vulnerable all these months while the suspect has been at large. According to published reports, his DNA has been awaiting entry into the database since October because of this backlog.”

As a new member of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Farnese plans to call for hearings on this matter. He is also asking the Corbett administration to make increased funding for DNA testing a top public-safety priority.

“In terms of funding, I want to find out exactly where we are and what we need to do to get to where we need to be,” said Senator Farnese. “We owe it to the victims of crime and their families as well as to the public at large.”


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