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Child Care Map

Continued Updates on COVID-19

For continued updates on COVID-19 and our community, please visit my website.

Coping with COVID-19

Stimulus Check Information

Stimulus Checks have started to be distributed. For those who have filed their taxes for 2018 or 2019 and received their refunds via direct deposit, the stimulus check will be sent to that account. For those who receive Social Security payments and do not usually file taxes, the stimulus check will be sent to the account the Social Security payment is deposited into.

If you filed taxes for 2018 or 2019 and received a refund but did not get direct deposit, you can visit to put in your bank account information. This will expedite your stimulus check and prevent you from having to wait for a paper check to come in the mail.

IRSSupplemental Security Income recipients will receive automatic Economic Impact Payments from the U.S. Treasury Department, but SSI recipients who have qualifying children under age 17, should not wait for their automatic $1,200 individual payment. Go to this link for more information and enter payment info, visit

Non-filers who do not receive Social Security retirement, disability (SSDI), survivor benefits, or Railroad Retirement and Survivor Benefits, and would like to have your stimulus check direct deposited you can visit

I Vote NO – Protect the Workers

I Voted No on SB 613Five years ago Bill Greenlee won a years-long battle to get sick pay for a quarter million Philly workers. Republicans in Harrisburg tried to end that benefit saying "Clearly, the state and federal governments are the appropriate policy makers when labor laws are involved."

On April 15, trying to expand the workforce against the advice of medical experts and frontline workers, the GOP argued the opposite, putting the decision making at the county level, saying local officials are better at determining what's best for workers.

This was a torturous day in the Senate, with members in isolation voting remotely to send folks back to work without protections like PPE, cleaning supplies and sick pay.

After Republicans rejected our amendments to add sick leave and other worker protections to the bill, I voted no twice. The mitigation is working and we should listen to the experts and our vulnerable workers. 

Sick leave is good public health policy. We can expand the workforce when we can protect the workforce.

Paid Sick Leave Bill Introduced

Republicans have blocked all attempts to insert sick leave provisions into our Covid-19 response, so State Rep. Joe Hohenstein and I have introduced stand-alone legislation to add protections beyond the federal legislation. Paid sick leave is important to public health. Sick people should be able to stay home. For the full press release and more details, click here.

Waiver of Penalties on Accelerated Sales Tax Prepayments

Businesses that collect Pennsylvania sales tax will not have to make Accelerated Sales Tax (AST) prepayments in April, May or June, the Department of Revenue has announced. That means businesses that normally have a monthly prepayment requirement will not be charged penalties for missing the prepayment deadline during this three-month period. For more information, click here.

Gov. Wolf: Department of Corrections to Establish Temporary Program to Reprieve Sentences of Incarceration

Good news for friends and relatives and the thousands at risk with no place to go. Leadership that should show counties to take action as well. We can still do more to prevent tragedies. For more information and the full article, click here.

Unemployment Compensation Updates

Our UC system has been overwhelmed. Please be patient with these workers who are shorthanded, mostly unprotected and working long hours to implement the federal CARES Act. Still no way for gig workers to apply, but it's coming. Keep track here.

If you are having issues with your UC application, please contact my office at 215-952-3121 or email

Philadelphia – Food Distribution

Food Sites

Philadelphia has begun food distribution at select sights for those effected by COVID-19. Sites will be open Monday-Thursday from 10am to 12pm. One box is allowed per household and will contain food to last up to 5 days. There is no need for ID or proof of income. For more information and pick-up sites locations, click here.

Child Care

Child Care Map

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services has created a map of the child-care centers that have received waivers to operate during the COVID-19 crisis. These centers are for those who work in life-sustaining positions. For more information, click here.

Vote by Mail

In Pennsylvania, you now have two options for mail ballots:

Absentee ballot – If you plan to be out of the municipality on election day or if you have a disability or illness, you should request an absentee ballot, which still requires you to list a reason for your ballot.

Mail-in ballot – If you aren’t an absentee voter, you may apply for a mail-in ballot. You may simply request this ballot.

Once you successfully submit your application, the Philadelphia County Board of Elections will mail you your ballot along with instructions.

To apply, please visit

Important dates to remember:

MAY 18: Deadline to Register to Vote
MAY 26: Last day to apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot
JUNE 2: ELECTION DAY and Last day for County Boards of Elections to receive voted mail-in and civilian absentee ballots

Election Dates and Deadline

New Tax Related Deadlines

Federal and State Taxes will now be due on July 15, 2020.

The PA Property Tax and Rent Rebate deadline has been extended through the end of the year, December 31, 2020.

For more information, please contact my office at or by phone at 215-952-3121.


PIDCDid you miss the PIDC webinars? PIDC has posted their webinars online to be viewed at any time online. They can be found by clicking here.

There are many resources still available for small businesses for COVID-19 Relief and Financial Assistance. For the full list of resources available, please click here.

PCA – Available Resources for Seniors

PA Department of Labor and Industry has created an online resource for displaced workers seeking employment in essential industries. For more information, click here.

Online Resource for Those Seeking Work

PA Department of Labor and Industry has created an online resource for displaced workers seeking employment in essential industries. For more information, click here.

Employement Opportuniites


Pennsylvania has a volunteer registry to link those who want to help with those who need it.

Registering through SERVPA can be done online at

Creation of PPE For Those in Need

If you can sew, you could be a hero. CoverAid PHL is a coalition of representatives from hospitals, universities, manufacturers, government and small businesses collaborating on solutions for personal protective equipment who are looking for individuals to help make PPE masks for those on the frontline. For more information and details on how you can help, click here.

Streets Philadelphia

PhiladelphiaThe Philadelphia Streets Department announced on April 6, that there were going to be some changes to the trash/recycling pickup in Philadelphia. Starting April 13, Recycling will be picked up every other week. This will continue through May 15 or further. Trash pickup is currently a day behind, however they do ask that trash be put out on the normal day. No resident will be fined for having the trash out a day early. For more information and  updates, click here.

SEPTA Updates


System Status: Lifeline Service Update

SEPTA continues to update customers on service adjustments and other information regarding SEPTA’s response to this ongoing public health crisis on the COVID-19 Information microsite --

April 16, 2020 Update – SEPTA is continually evaluating how to meet the needs of essential workers and essential trips with its currently available healthy employees. In response to customer feedback and our available number of operators, SEPTA is reintroducing the 110 bus route effective Thursday, April 16.   The Route 110 serves major corridors along Township Line Road (US 1), Sproul Road (PA 320) and Baltimore Pike. It includes access to the Walmart at Marple Crossroads Shopping Center, Harlee Manor nursing home, Springfield Hospital, and the Granite Run area, including a more direct route to Riddle Hospital.

Current Operating Status:

+ BusLifeline Service.  Service is now limited to approximately 50 core routes operating on Saturday schedules. SEPTA prioritized routes that provide access to essential services, as well as those with connections to the Broad Street and Market-Frankford Lines and Regional Rail.

+ Market-Frankford and Broad Street LineLifeline Service.  Service on the Market-Frankford Line is now operating on a Saturday schedule seven days a week, serving 18 of 28 Stations.  The Broad Street Line is now operating on a Saturday schedule seven days a week, serving 16 of 24 Stations.  Service on both lines is suspended daily between 1:00 AM and 4:30 AM to allow for cleaning.

+ City TrolleyLifeline Service.  Trolley Routes 10, 11, 13, 15 & 36 continue to operate on Saturday schedules seven days a week.  Approximately half of the Trolley stations in the Center City tunnel are closed, including 13th Street, 19th Street, 33rd Street and 36th Street.  Route 34 is suspended until further notice.

+ Regional RailLifeline Service.  The following Regional Rail Lines are operating on the schedules that went into effect on March 29: Fox Chase, Lansdale*, Media/Elwyn, Paoli*, Trenton & Warminster.   All other Regional Rail Service is suspended. Lines with an * are truncated.

+ Route 101 & 102Lifeline Service.  All Route 101 Trolley service continues to be shuttle bused and operate on modified schedules seven days-a-week.  Service on the Route 102 Trolley remains suspended until further notice.

+ NHSLLifeline Service

+ CCTLifeline Service.  With implementation of Lifeline Service, all CCT reservations – advance and same day – may be made for travel to/from essential work, medical facilities, pharmacies, supermarkets, and food distribution centers only.  Same-day service will be provided on a space available basis.

Travel Reminders:

  • Rear-door boarding continues to be in effect on all Bus, Trolley and NHSL service.
  • Vehicle passenger limits on Buses (20), Trolleys (25) and NHSL (30) continue to be enforced.

Market-Frankford and Broad Street Line Cashiers will not accept cash – customers are directed to purchase a Quick Trips at a Station Fare Kiosks.

Wearing a Facemask While Riding SEPTA

New guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advise wearing a simple cloth face covering, when out in public, to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Following this guidance, SEPTA STRONGLY URGES all customers to wear a mask or other facial covering when traveling on SEPTA to protect customers and our Operators.  Surgical masks and gaiter-style neck and face coverings are being distributed to SEPTA frontline personnel as part of this effort.

SEPTA is also making a limited number of masks available to customers who enter a vehicle and forgot to bring a face covering.  These masks are for emergency purposes only and customers are asked to state and federal health recommendations that people have face coverings whenever they are out in public.

All SEPTA customers are asked to comply with this request for your protection and the protection of others.

Stay Passyunk Strong

With the current environment, many shops and restaurants are offering alternatives to be there for the community and to stay “open” during these trying times. Stay Passyunk Strong is helping bring the community together to with those businesses until things can get back to normal. For the list of restaurants, businesses, and shops that are still open with alternative means, please click here.

Stay Passyunk Strong

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