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Sen. FarneseGood Tuesday afternoon!

I hope you are basking in the glow of Pope Francis’ visit. It was a remarkable weekend with many significant messages.

We’re getting back into the routine with this edition of “First District Connection.”

As you might have heard, the Republican leadership has “re-gifted” a smaller version of the 2015-2016 budget that Gov. Tom Wolf rightly vetoed, and vetoed again today. I’ll share my thoughts on that later in this edition.

Also, there’s a cool poster contest that is looking for entries and is paying cash to the best pieces.

We issued a special First District Connection just before the Pope’s arrival to share the news about the Francis Fund – a special collection to help people in the Philadelphia region who are struggling with hunger, homelessness, and poverty. I’m happy to share that the effort has collected more than $1.3 million.

Please mark your calendar to come to my Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 8th from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the Broad Street Ministry in Philadelphia. I'd love to hear your input and answer your questions.

Hope you are ready for October, because it’s just around the corner.

Be well,
Sen. Larry Farnese

Stopgap Madness

Capitol“Re-gifting” is the art of putting a different bow on an unwanted present in the attempt to dupe an unsuspecting recipient, and that’s exactly what Republican lawmakers are trying to do by repackaging a slice of the bad budget proposal Gov. Wolf had earlier vetoed.

Kudos to the governor for vetoing the entire bad idea again today.

But let’s really be honest: the people the GOP is hurting by doing this are those who live in the shadows of life and our school children.

As I said when my Senate approved the bad $11.2 billion stopgap two weeks ago, schools, non-profits and human service organizations are hurting the most.

The teacher in Philadelphia who buys schools supplies with his own money is in this with the teacher doing the same thing in Fayette County. The folks who are suffering the most from this budget impasse are the same individuals who have devoted their lives to making Pennsylvania a better place to live and work.

These people, schools, and organizations provide essential services to our most vulnerable populations. They might not be making a lot of money, but they are doing great work. These are the same folks who need property tax relief and a real investment in education to brighten the future of this commonwealth.

We need to come together, each one of us in this building, in this chamber, on this floor and move a plan forward that is in the best interests of ALL our citizens.  We all know you can’t heal a broken leg with a Band-Aid®.

Alcohol Awareness Poster Contest

If your son or daughter is artistically inclined – or if you know someone who is very creative and can help send a positive message, then let them know the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s annual alcohol awareness poster contest is now seeking entries.

LCBThe best posters will garner $100 for their designers while one student in each grade will receive $50 for their good work.

The contest is open to students in kindergarten through 12th grade, including those who are home-schooled or in parochial or private schools.

Winning posters can be used for years by the LCB to help teach minors about the dangers of alcohol. Here’s an example of a past winner from the Philadelphia Academy Charter School:, and here is one from 1997 – by a 10th grader at the High School for Creative & Performing Arts in Philly:

Posters must be submitted by Nov. 20 to: Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, 113 Northwest Office Building, Harrisburg, PA 17124-0001.

Contact the Bureau of Alcohol Education at 717-772-1432 or email at if you have questions.

PhiladelphiaPhilly Happenings

  • If you love to fish, be outdoors and picnic, then make plans to visit Pier 68 near the opening of the Delaware River Trail this Thursday!
  • Later in October, the great Philadelphia Film Festival opens. This will be the festival’s 23rd year!
  • Rooster Soup Co. – I was happy to recently read that Federal Donuts and Broad Street Ministry have finally found a site for this new restaurant. The concept for Rooster Soup Co. is genuine: net proceeds will help BSM’s Hospitality Collaborative fight hunger.


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