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Sen. FarneseHi there!

Not Chase Utley! Well, we knew it was going to happen but the Phillies’ ultimate trade of our All-Star second baseman still hurts. I’m still not used to seeing Jimmy Rollins in blue and white, and it’s going to be even freakier to see both of our beloved infielders wearing LA Dodger blue.

Thank you for the memories, Chase! We will miss you here!

Speaking of missing: Pennsylvania still does not have a 2015-2016 budget. It reads as if some headway is being made by negotiators, but time will tell if an agreement is ultimately reached. I believe it will. I just have nothing concrete to report now.

We’re addressing – and updating – the oil train issue in this new edition of my “First District Connection,” plus we’re adding some great local info to help you enjoy the rest of your summer.

Be safe as you drive to and fro during the next few weeks. School will be back in session and busses and students will be everywhere.

My best to you,
Sen. Larry Farnese

Oil Trains

TrainLike you, I share your concern about the many oil trains that chug their way through our towns. I’ve been working with train companies, Philadelphia officials and state Department of Environmental Protection experts to make sure we are prepared in the event something bad happens.

But now we have Gov. Tom Wolf’s support!

The governor, this week, issued a press release to share his concern with us and to also point to a new study he commissioned that outlines more than two dozen recommendations. You can read the recommendations through this link.

Bakken oil trains have been winding their way through my senatorial district enroute to other points along the Atlantic seaboard for years – and we have been lucky to avoid major disasters.

I have been working with constituents and sharing their legitimate concerns with public safety officials at every level, and I appreciate the commonality we now share with Gov. Wolf.

E-Z Scam

TurnpikeThe turnpike is a big part of our daily travels in the 1st Senatorial District, so I want to make sure you are up to speed about a scam that involves E-ZPass customers.

As the Associated Press reported yesterday, an email phishing scam is targeting E-ZPass users.

The way it works? You get an email saying your account needs money. Except, when you click the link in that email, your laptop, phone, computer – whatever you used to read that email – sends a virus and messes up your electronic device.

Remember: E-ZPass works because it automatically replenishes your account with the bank account you gave it access to when you signed up.

Back to School Shots

ShotsMost of the students I know aren’t really looking forward to their end of summer – and they’re really not looking forward to vaccinations.

But they should...

As state Health Secretary Dr. Karen Murphy reminded everyone this week, “The United States has seen dramatic reductions in vaccine-preventable diseases over the past several decades, but unvaccinated children are at risk for many serious and life-threatening diseases.”

Act now. Go to to learn more – and to find a clinic near you.

Restaurant Week!

Have you ever wanted to try a new restaurant but weren’t sure it’d be worth it? Now is the perfect time to shatter your doubts.Restaurant Week

Starting today (Aug. 21) and continuing through Aug. 30 – it’s the 2nd annual “Night Out Restaurant Week.”

Try places like Chart House, Moshulu or Morgan’s Pier during this special week. Besides some great food, there’ll be entertainment!

According to, “Diners will be privy to three courses per person for a set price: Lunches will cost $20, while dinners go for $35. All restaurants will offer a dinner option, while select restaurants will also offer lunch.”

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