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Sen. FarneseGood afternoon!

In less than a week, state lawmakers and I will be back in Harrisburg for the re-start of what is promising to be a very interesting budget season. We must have the 2015-2016 budget enacted by midnight on June 30. While we’re talking behind the scenes now, some politicians are promising not to budget on some key areas.

We’ll keep in touch on the progress made.

Hope you are enjoying spring!

Sen. Larry Farnese

Religious Freedom?

Letter To Gov. WolfFairness and compassion are some of the reasons I am a fervent fighter for equal justice and equal opportunity in Pennsylvania. If you needed another reason to end decades of unspoken bias and inequality – look west to Indiana.

Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” is the cruelest oxymoron and another example of how people use religion to justify their unjust actions.

Thankfully, Indiana’s governor is promising an overhaul of the RFRA, which nearly toppled the state, and could still hurt it if the changes are not good. Ironically, if Indiana’s fix does deliver full inclusivity for its LGBT community, the Hoosier State will have more LGBT-specific protections than Pennsylvania.

Talk about injustice!

State Sens. Daylin Leach, Vince Hughes, Rep. Dan Frankel and I penned a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf last week asking him to redouble his efforts to help pass non-discrimination legislation in Pennsylvania (I am a co-prime sponsor of the Senate bill, which will be reintroduced in the near future). 

Phillies Opening DayDonate Life

Giving blood is one good way to help people in need; donating an organ is also an excellent idea.

April is “Donate Life” month. If more people donated, organ donor lists would shrink and more people would benefit. You could help by listening to my new PSA.

Equal Voting Rights Press ConferenceVoting Rights

Sen. Vince Hughes and I visited the U.S. Constitution Center last month to mark the 50th anniversary of the federal Voting Rights Act.

The VRA is an important law, given the attacks on voter rights from the right. Click here to hear what I said during the press conference.

Philly Bike Share

Bike Share Bike Share The city’s new bike share program promises to be a very cool thing – and it will be available later this month!

Philadelphia Magazine just did a good piece on the program: it explains how it works, what you have to do, and how much you have to pay.

Our progressive city needs this kind of transportation. I’m happy that it is almost here.

Phillies Opening DayPHILLIES!

Even though “the experts” think they’ll be bad this season, I am – and will always be – a Philadelphia Phillies fan!

It was great to watch Opening Day yesterday, and to see Lt. Gov. Mike Stack – wearing his PA National Guard fatigues! -- at Citizens Bank Park.

Go Phillies!

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Donate Life Letter to Gov. Wolf on Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”