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Sen. FarneseState Rep. John Taylor, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, Delaware County District Attorney John Whalen, representatives from the Philadelphia Police Department, area law enforcement offices and I came together last week to push for the passage of legislation that would set a mandatory minimum sentence for illegally carrying a firearm in Philadelphia.

Senate Bill 801, which is my legislation in the senate, and House Bill 1091, which is Rep. Taylor’s legislation in the House, gives Philadelphia’s law enforcement community an important new tool that would help curb gun violence and keep illegal weapons out of the hands of criminals.

The event was organized by DA Williams to not only express our outrage over the death of three-year-old Tynirah Borum – who was shot in the chest by a stray bullet while getting her hair braided in the Grays Ferry section of the city – but to help us get this important legislation passed. We are due back in session soon, so I will keep you up to date about the bill’s progress over the coming weeks.

Today I would like to tell you how you can:

  • Celebrate Philadelphia’s past at the new Washington Ave. Park;
  • Help yourself with a yellow dot;
  • Download ASAP: Philadelphia’s new After School Activities Partnership widget; and
  • Get a free recycle bin.

Need any help? If you do, call my district office at 215-952-3121, e-mail me at or visit 1802 S. Broad St., Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Have a great week, 
Sen. Larry Farnese

Washington PierWashington Ave. Park

Between 1870 and 1915, the Washington Ave. pier was a place where more than 1 million European immigrants, many of whose families still live in Philadelphia, first stepped foot on U.S. soil. Today, the pier is home to the city’s newest park and it’s something to celebrate. The project was funded by the William Penn Foundation, the commonwealth and the Delaware River Waterfront Corp. So, if you are looking for a new place to explore, make the Washington Ave. Park your first stop.

A Yellow Dot Can Save Your Life

DotPennsylvania’s “Yellow Dot” program can save your life during the first hours of a traffic accident, if you need emergency care but can’t communicate.

To participate in the PennDOT program:

  • Fill out a form with your contact/emergency contact information, medical history, medications, allergies and your doctor’s name;
  • Put a small yellow dot, which is included in the membership packet, in your vehicle’s rear window; and
  • Rest assured that, if you are in an accident, first responders will know to check your glove compartment for your vital information so you can receive the medical attention you need.

Forms and more information about the program are available at

ASAP ASAP Philly’s New After-School Widget

The City of Philadelphia’s new After School Activities Partnership (ASAP) widget, part of the Philly311 Mobile App, is available for free downloading on any iPhone, Android or Blackberry device. The widget will help you find safe and supervised after-school youth programming. For more information, visit

Recycle BinGet Your Free Recycling Bin

My district office still has free recycle bins so come to 1802 S. Broad St. office, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and pick one up.

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