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Dear Neighbor,

Sen. FarneseI can’t believe our children have returned to school and the summer is winding down – time certainly flies. I know you’re busier than ever, so I have a few quick updates that will help you:

  • Get an ID for voting;
  • Celebrate Senior Week;
  • Take advantage of the 5th Annual Jobadelphia Career Fair;
  • Visit one of Philadelphia’s best museums for free; and
  • Save for college.

As always, thank you for your support, friend me on Facebook and Twitter, and please don’t hesitate to contact my staff or I if we can be of any assistance.

Sen. Larry Farnese

A State ID Just For Voting

If you don’t have an approved ID, or the documents to get one, you should consider getting one of the new PA Voter ID cards from any PennDOT Driver License Center. They are free, immediately available and will be made for you before you leave the Center. You just need a Social Security number, date of birth and two proofs of residency. If you need help getting your valid ID, birth certificate or have questions about the new law and ID, my staff and I are here to help.

In Honor of Senior Week

NewCourtland NetworkThe NewCourtland Network is celebrating Senior Week with all things election. Monday through Friday through November 5 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. seniors can register to vote, learn about Pennsylvania’s voter ID law, and if you need one, get an approved ID. Transportation to get an ID from one of these senior centers is also free:

  • Philadelphia Senior Center, Main Branch, 509 S. Broad St.;
  • Philadelphia Senior Center, Tioga Branch, 1531 West Tioga St.;
  • Philadelphia Senior Center, Coffee Cup Branch, 247 South 10th St.;
  • Lehigh Senior Center, 1701 W. Lehigh Ave; and
  • Spring Garden Senior Center, 1221 Spring Garden St.

For more information call 1-888-530-4913.

Jobadelphia5th Annual Jobadelphia Career Fair and WPHL17 will present the 5th Annual Jobadelphia Career Fair on Wednesday, September 19 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The event, which will take place at Citizens Bank Park, is a fun and productive way to meet and interview with more than 50 companies. The event and parking is free. For more information, a full list of participating companies or to register, visit

Celebrate Philadelphia History Museum’s Grand Re-Opening for Free

Philadelphia History MuseumThe Philadelphia History Museum, formally The Atwater Kent Museum, will have free admission and tours on Sep. 22-23 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The museum is located at 15 South 7th Street and features several new exhibits including:

Face to Facebook: What Portraits Tell Us

The Ordinary, the Extraordinary and the Unknown Over 100 Objects from the Collection

Played in Philadelphia, Phillies Fandemonium: Meet Some of the Fans

Made in Philadelphia, Craft Brewing: It's a Beer Revolution

For questions and more information call 215-685-4830 or send an email to

Start Saving For College Today

PA 529 PA 529 FREE online enrollment into the Guaranteed Savings Plan is now available through Sept. 30 (a $50 value) by using the code FARNESE. Families can also enter a contest to win a $529 account to jump start their college savings.

If you worry about the rising cost of higher education, think about contributing to a Pennsylvania 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan. Once enrolled, you will be able pay for tomorrow’s state tuition at today’s prices no matter when or how much tuition increases. Contributions to PA 529 plans are deductible from Pennsylvania income taxes, grow tax free and, when used for qualified educational expenses, are federal and state tax exempt. More information is available at

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