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1st District Connection

Senator FarneseDear Constituent,

Welcome to another edition of First District Connection. I have information to share about several topics:

  • Electricity Options

  • Legislative News

    • Anti-Discrimination Bill

    • Tougher Penalties for Straw Purchasers

    • Animal Abuse Registry

  • Senior Expos

  Staying Connected, 
Sen. Larry Farnese  

Electricity Options

PA Powerswitch You can still choose an alternate electricity supplier. Our April seminar at Neumann-Goretti High School offered residents a chance to learn about options in selecting an electricity provider. The Public Utility Commission showed customers how to compare prices to find the best rates now that electrical rate caps have been lifted. If you need information, please visit the Public Utility Commission’s website at

Legislative News

Anti-Discrimination Bill 

I introduced Senate Bill 9100 to ensure that all Pennsylvanians enjoy equal protection under the law. This bill amends the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to add the definition of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” to the list of prohibited discrimination factors. We want people to come to Pennsylvania and to raise families here. We welcome everyone here in the Commonwealth, and this bill reflects that. In this day and age, it is unthinkable that anyone would suffer discrimination in employment, housing or in public accommodations because of gender identity or sexual orientation.


Tougher Penalties for Straw Purchasers 

Senate Bill 1028 would require a mandatory five-year minimum sentence for straw purchasers. I introduced this bill to ensure that at the time of sentencing, a person convicted of purchasing multiple firearms as a ‘straw’ would be sentenced for multiple purchases. This bill is designed to ensure justice and further deter from buying guns for convicted felons, who are prohibited from buying firearms.


Animal Abuse Registry 

The American Psychiatric Association considers there to be a high correlation between animal abusers and those who are violent toward people. There are myriad examples of violent criminals who have a history of animal cruelty.

To this end, I have introduced Senate Bill 921, which would require those convicted of animal cruelty to register their names, aliases, addresses, place of employment, date of birth, social security number, a recent photograph and the offense for which they were convicted.

The U.S. Department of Justice also uses animal abuse as a marker for youth at risk of violent behavior. By creating an animal abuse registry, the community will be served by helping reduce the risk of new animal and human victims at the hands of repeat offenders.

Those registered would pay an annual $50 fee, which will go into a fund to be used exclusively for funding the administration of the registry by county sheriffs and the Pennsylvania State Police. Information would be available online, by phone or in writing.

Suffolk County, New York recently passed legislation creating the nation’s first animal abuser registry in response to a barrage of animal abuse incidents in their area.

Senior Expos

A big thank you to all who made this year’s annual Senior Expos a great success. Several hundred seniors and scores of vendors participated in our Senior Expos, which were held in April at Neumann Senior Housing in Fishtown and at South Philadelphia High School. A host of constituent services are available at our District Office at 1802 South Broad St. Constituents can also visit our mobile offices on the first Tuesday of every month at the Philadelphia Senior Center at Broad and Lombard and and on the first Wednesday of every month at Neumann Senior Housing, 1601 E. Palmer St. in Fishtown.

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