HARRISBURG, June 15, 2011—State Senator Farnese today applauded passage by the Senate of legislation that would ban the possession, use and sale of so-called bath salts, synthetic marijuana and salvia divinorum.  Farnese, a long time supporter of a ban on these substances, first introduced similar legislation earlier this year as Senate Bill 909.  

“The widespread instances of teens and young adults acting in outrageous and often dangerous manners due to use of these synthetic drugs is alarming and disturbing,” Farnese said.  “Swift passage of this legislation in both the Senate and the House shows the seriousness of this matter and the urgency of the need to ban the sale these substances and keep them out of the hands of our young people.”

Senate Bill 1006 passed the Senate unanimously and is headed to Gov. Corbett for his signature.  The Senate vote approved changes made in the House to expand the classes of chemicals covered by the ban, which will now include any new adaptations made by street retailers.  The governor is expected to sign the bill into law.

“These synthetic drugs offer a cheap high with deadly results,” Farnese said. These substances are used as an alternative to cocaine and other illegal drugs and can cause dangerous side effects such as extreme paranoia, hallucinations and disorientation, all of which can lead to extreme violent behavior.”

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