PHILADELPHIA, AUG. 1, 2012 — Senior citizens who live in state Sen. Larry Farnese’s Senatorial District will be greatly impacted by Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law, according to newly released statistics.

The First Senatorial District has the highest number of seniors who are registered voters and do not have a proper photo ID from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), according to statistics compiled by the AFL-CIO and reported by Politicspa.

“I thought that the voter ID law would have a significant impact on Philadelphia voters, but I’m both surprised and outraged that so many senior citizens in my district will be affected,” Farnese said. “The numbers not only demonstrate the impact of the new law on our aging population, but it also reinforces the need to assist seniors so that they are able to vote on Election Day.”

More than 16,000 of the First Senatorial District’s 33,000 registered voters who are seniors — or 49.6 percent — lack a PennDOT photo ID according to AFL-CIO numbers. Farnese’s district, which comprises portions of the river wards, Center City and South Philadelphia, has the highest number of registered seniors in Pennsylvania without proper voter ID and the third highest percent of disenfranchised seniors statewide.

“The opposition argues that the law is meant to protect the public. Instead, it’s preventing older citizens from exercising their right to vote. It’s shameful,” Farnese said. “My district represents a diverse population, including a large number of seniors. While we await the outcome of the court battle that could strike down the law, I am committed to helping ensure that all registered voters in my district have the proper ID so that they can cast their ballot on this Election Day.”

For information on the voter ID law and assistance on obtaining a voter ID, call or visit Farnese’s district office at 1802 S. Broad St. at 215-952-3121. More details about the law is also available here.

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